Hoya 82mm HD Circular Polarizing Digital Filter


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Image quality is irrelevant when the filter comes apart into 2 pieces.

Hardened glass resistant to drops, scratches and finger prints.
Slim filter but with a front thread to accomodate lens caps, hoods and even other filters.
Less than 1-stop of light loss.
Comes apart in 2 pieces during regular use (Common Issue)
Slightly warm color cast.
I have to admit i was very impressed the first time i saw the You Tube video where a Hoya sales representative banged the Hoya HD filter against the corner of a desk and tried his best to scratch the glass on the filter without any success. They looked indestructible in that video. I was so impressed that i decided to buy the Hoya HD CPL for my 6 month trekking trip to the Himalayas.

I ordered the filter from Maxsaver, an online store in Hongkong which sells original Hoya & B+W filters for cheap prices and has a very good reputation among photographers worldwide. The filter arrived promptly with 2-3 weeks of ordering and on first impressions i was quite impressed with the build quality of the filter.

The polarizer functioned as it should, albeit adding a warm tinge to the pictures (the warming effect is common in all polarizers, Singhray and B+W have special neutral polarizers if you are worried about the warm tones). Since it was a slim filter, i had some difficulties attaching and removing the filter from my lenses, but again that was to be expected and soon i was comfortable putting the filter on and off the lens.

I was quite happy with my purchase until on day in the mountains above Badrinath the filter came apart in two pieces as i was removing it from my lens. I tried a lot but there was no way to securely attach the pieces together. They would fit together for a while and then fall off on their own later while i was taking the pictures. Although the glass was fine, the filter to me was as good as broken and i had no further use for it on my trip.

Later when i checked the internet about this issue, i was surprised to find that it is a very prevalent problem with the Hoya filters and has been that way for a few years atleast. Check out these threads on the FredMiranda and the POTN forums. 

So until this issue is addressed, i would suggest everyone to stay away from the Hoya CPL filters and spend a few extra dollars on the B+W kaesemann filters which have a sturdy brass ring holding the pieces together and doesn't seem to have the 'self destruct' issue plaguing the Hoya filters.

Update : Customer service from Hoya & Maxsaver

Hoya Customer Service :

Since the filter had a one year warranty, i mailed the Hoya international customer service about the problem and requested them to resolve it. They forwarded that email to their Indian agency who promptly replied saying that the filter i bought was fake and that they do not repair or service fake filters.

I wonder how he came to the conclusion that the filters were fake without even seeing them. Its just a excuse for them to wash their hands off this issue and not deal with it. After his reply my opinion of Hoya went down further.

Maxsaver.net customer service :

I then emailed Maxsaver.net, the 'supposedly fake' company in Hongkong where i bought this filters from. They promptly replied back apologizing for the issue and asked me for a photo of the filter which came apart. When i sent them the picture they immediately agreed to take it back and provided me with the details of how to return them.

Needless to say i'am terribly impressed with their customer service. Once they receive the return, i'am going to buy the B+W XS-Pro Kaesemann Circular Polarizer from them. They are the top of the line of the B+W filter and more importantly they have a Neutral color cast and dont have the warming effect like the other polarizers.