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The Takin (Budorcas taxicolor) is a goat-antelope found in the mountains of Bhutan. It is the national animal of Bhutan. 
A few interesting tips and caveats about traveling inside Bhutan. First of all be aware that independent travel is restricted in Bhutan, the only exception to this rule being for citizens of India and other SAARC countries. Other tourists need visit the country on pre-arranged tours organized by one of the many registered travel agencies in Bhutan. This article is mainly intended towards the Indians who are lucky enough to travel freely in this friendly and magnificent country.
There are only two of ways to enter Bhutan. One is by taking a flight directly to Paro, which is what all the international tourists do. And the other is by road through the border town ofPhuntsholing. Independant travel is discouraged in Bhutan and traveling inside the country is expensive for most tourists. They have to cough up close to 250$ per day for the pleasure of visiting the country, so you dont  get to see independant backpackers there.  This article is mostly intended for the tourists from the Indian sub-continent for whom the above restrictions don't apply. There are however a few permits to be obtained after which they are free to travel on their own within this magnificent country. 
Back in 2007 I traveled across Bhutan on my motorbike. I had kept those memories locked away for almost 4 years but here they are now. My most memorable moments in Bhutan.
Eating Chillies is a major part of the Bhutanese lifestyle. Some experts would argue that this habit was necessitated by cold weather of the place (to keep warm). While, others may argue that it is due to the limited variety of vegetables that could be grown in the country. But ask any average Bhutanese out in the street and their answer would be as simple as it is true. They just love the taste.