Riding into a pristine paradise - Songpan Horse Trek
On the days leading up to the Chinese new year, the whole of China shuts down. I was caught unawar..
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Amid the Huangshan mist..
For the Chinese New year holidays i decided to go to HuangShan. I was looking forward for a change..
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whirlwind trip to the grandprix - Day 1: Shanghai to Hangzhou and back..
I usually like to claim that i do not plan any of my trips, but infact usually the opposite is tru..
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Rainy Race Day in Shanghai..
There has been a lot written in the media about the grandprix in China and most of it negative. Th..
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the 'great' wall trip of 2005..
After having cancelled the trip already in September, we were all eager to go to the great wall be..
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night out on the old street...
Two days of being shrouded by the Huangshan mist was enough to dampen my sprits. The lure of hot r..
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Its just me..
It usually happens with me.. especially with my car. When i drive it after someone else has driven..
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Jiankou great wall on the dragon boat weekend..
Ever since i joined the "Travel China Beijing" group on facebook, i've always wanted to go on one ..
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