Green Vine Snake

A not-so-dangerous beauty. This snake is very common in India and has haemotoxins that are good to kill rats and all; humans are not expected to really die from its venom, though you might lose a toe or two to it.
It carries a famous myth that this snakes aims for your eyes, but that's not really true, this myth spread probably because this snake usually climbs high up in trees and thereby making it easier for it to attack you head; but then its just my speculation. In any case, its a lovely sight to watch this beauty with its cunning kung-fu master's half-closed eyes, and beautiful scales.
A piece of trivia about its scales is that when the green vine gets agitated, its skin expands to show red lines within. Will post another pic showing those (we pretty much managed to agitate it enough by constant flashing).
Final piece of trivia, (I'm not sure...but) this is not the Master Viper from Kung Fu Panda. :)
Tried hard, but am not able to control myself from offering an unsolicited gyan...pls excuse. I've seen quite a few of this snake's bodies on the roads passing through the reserved forests. Feels really sad; get the thrills of speed outside forests...its someone's home.
Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL / 100.0 mm
f 7.1 - 1/200s - ISO 200
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