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A behind the scenes look at my experience shooting time-lapse videos for Royal Enfield in Ladakh.
A collection of photos showcasing the beautiful light at Hanle, Ladakh.
Yaye Tso is a fresh water lake nestled in the mountains high above the Mahe village in the Changthang region of Ladakh. Far away from the tourist trail the lake and its surroundings retain their old world charm. I had a delightful experience visiting the place this August and got to spend some time with the Changpa nomads who were camping there.
Learn the simple techniques used by Ladakhi nomads to create a stove in the wild with nothing but the natural materials found all over the plains of Changthang.
A comprehensive travel guide for getting there, places to stay and things to do at Pangong lake in winters.
A photo journal of my first winter trip to the Tsomoriri lake in Ladakh.
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Encounters with the exotic Tibetan wild ass in Ladakh.
There are days when you are surrounded by so much beauty that you feel privileged, blessed even, to witness it. You walk with a spring in your step, a big grin on your face and the world just feels right again. It is like being in love, maybe even better, because you have none of that 'delicious torment' (to quote Emerson) that comes with it.  This was one of those days.
The Parang La Trek was to be (and was) the highlight of my 5-month sojourn into the mountains (in 2012). The 105km trek would take me from the beautiful Tsomoriri lake in Ladakh, across the Pare Chu river, up and over the 5580m (18300ft) Parang La pass and into the gorgeous gorges of the Spiti valley.This was another 'safe' trek that i carefully picked out to expose myself to the dangers of trekking alone in the mountains. The dangers i was after this time were crossing rivers and traversing glaciers, both of which i was afraid of doing. Turns out that those fears were more than justified. Read the day by day entries to find out.
It was a trip where Murphy's law was in full force. Everything that could go wrong did, and some. I drove around in circles trying to find fuel for my motorbike, got lost in the dark on the shores of the Tsomoriri lake, camped out in the wild, got bike's tires punctured and was rescued by the unlikeliest folks possible.. the Changpa nomads living high up in the mountains around the Tsomoriri lake. Needless to say, this was one of my best trips in Ladakh and i thoroughly enjoyed every minute of i Read on to hear the story of my Tsomoriri trip..
Ladakh was the reason why i decided to take my bicycle with me to the Himalayas. The lure of cycling in the mountains with its crisp blue skies and snow capped peaks was too enticing to ignore. I had traveled Ladakh by motorcycle back in 2008, but this time i decided that a bicycle would be a better option. Going by cycle meant going slowly.. a 200km trip from, say, Leh to Pangong lake which can be done in a single day on a motor cycle would take 3 to 4 days on a bicycle. Which means stops in the smaller villages, seeing more sunrises & sunsets, more photo opportunities and more interaction with the local people. I had the one thing which i did not have in my other trips, the luxury of time.   Then i thought that if i was going to be cycling in Ladakh then i might as well cycle TO