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India in Motion is planning to travel around Tamil Nadu this summer.
A behind the scenes look at my experience shooting time-lapse videos for Royal Enfield in Ladakh.
A collection of tips to help you get smooth pan and tilt movements in your motion controlled time-lapse videos.
A collection of photos showcasing the beautiful light at Hanle, Ladakh.
Yaye Tso is a fresh water lake nestled in the mountains high above the Mahe village in the Changthang region of Ladakh. Far away from the tourist trail the lake and its surroundings retain their old world charm. I had a delightful experience visiting the place this August and got to spend some time with the Changpa nomads who were camping there.
Learn the simple techniques used by Ladakhi nomads to create a stove in the wild with nothing but the natural materials found all over the plains of Changthang.
In this post I want to start a discussion about the food I carry while trekking and camping out in Ladakh and elsewhere in the Indian Himalayas. My requirements is that the food should be lightweight, compact and most of all healthy and nutritious enough to sustain me for anywhere between a week to 10 days while out on the trail.
A comprehensive travel guide for getting there, places to stay and things to do at Pangong lake in winters.
A photo journal of my first winter trip to the Tsomoriri lake in Ladakh.
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Encounters with the exotic Tibetan wild ass in Ladakh.
The most revered festival for Biharis