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Timelapses help condense minutes, hours, even days into mere seconds and in doing so capture the living essence of a place/moment like no photo ever could. And when you add motion to the timelapses the results can be quite spectacular. So there began my search for the perfect timelapse system which offers motion in all the 3 planes (pan, tilt and linear motion). The TB3 timelapse robot from eMotimo fit that bill perfectly. 
Money. We all want it, we work hard to get it, but do we ever stop to ask ourselves how much we really need it ? Society programs us for the rat race. It automatically subscribes us to the materialistic lifestyle without really soliciting our consent. Success is gauged not by the quality of the life lived but by the quantity of possessions acquired..
Usually people transport their bikes in cardboard boxes, but i felt that having a dedicated bike bag would be better as it is more compact, has more room for accessories and most of all because of the reason that the bag can be stowed away easily at a left luggage counter or in a hotel and can be used for the return trip as well. That last item was the major selling point for me as i didn't want to run around looking for cardboard boxes especially on the return leg of my journeys. The Btwin bike bag being sold in Decathlon looked perfect for my needs so i went ahead and bought it. And here is its review..
A circular polarizer (CPL) filter is an important piece of kit in any photographers bag. Especially that of a travel/landscape photographer. In this post we'll examine some tips that will allow you to efficiently share a single CPL filter across many of your lenses.
Trek to Dzongri, in June 2013
There are days when you are surrounded by so much beauty that you feel privileged, blessed even, to witness it. You walk with a spring in your step, a big grin on your face and the world just feels right again. It is like being in love, maybe even better, because you have none of that 'delicious torment' (to quote Emerson) that comes with it.  This was one of those days.
The Parang La Trek was to be (and was) the highlight of my 5-month sojourn into the mountains (in 2012). The 105km trek would take me from the beautiful Tsomoriri lake in Ladakh, across the Pare Chu river, up and over the 5580m (18300ft) Parang La pass and into the gorgeous gorges of the Spiti valley.This was another 'safe' trek that i carefully picked out to expose myself to the dangers of trekking alone in the mountains. The dangers i was after this time were crossing rivers and traversing glaciers, both of which i was afraid of doing. Turns out that those fears were more than justified. Read the day by day entries to find out.
Bumps on saddle .. A true bumpy ride :)  Its a local story of my ride, places might not be failiar to you, hope you will enjoy.  For today ride - I  had a idea for Dakor with shortest route possible.. How and why it turned with 150+ here you read..  Morning i started around 6:00 am for this ride, confusion started from home itself, mom thought I m going on motor bike.. But it was cycle. :)  I decided to take shortest route possible from village to avoid highway traffic. Looked Google map and tough to of taking router 3 somewhere near Sakarda and I asked at Sakarda.. villagers gracefully pushed to highway again.. so no choice, i have to take highway and ride turned to just 70 km more.  Once I reached at Dakor, around 8:30 people near temples were starring at my bikes and also kind e
After 18 years of living in Baroda, I came across to travel in Heritage Narrow gauge train which runs between Pratapnagar to Jambusar for the first time. A lovely ride of 3-4 hours to cross almost 50+ km.   The first narrow gauge railway line to be laid was to 2'6" gauge by the Gaekwar of Baroda to connect the town of Dabhoi to the broad gauge BBCIR railway. Initially bullocks were used to provide motive power to the railway until three 0-4-0 tank locomotives were introduced in 1863. The tank engines proved too heavy for the lightly laid rails and 0-4-0 tender engines were found to be more suitable with heavier rails. In the 1890s a 0-4-2 tender locomotive was introduced and instantly became popular. The first train came to Vadodara in 1861, and the Railways celebrated its 150th
For a long time, during my travels in the mountains, I used look up at the star studded night skies and wonder how anyone could manage to navigate using the stars. There were so damn many of them, espcially on a clear moonless night. So how do you find one little North Star out of so many ?
Old budhism temple inside and outside
Songkran April 2013 Bangkok
Five minutes in the mountains can leave you with a lifetime of memories.Sunrise and sunset is a special time in the mountains with the light throwing off various hues of yellow, orange and red. So add your favorite photos of mountain light here and lets make it one spectacular collection.