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The Yuksom - GoeCha La trek in Western Sikkim takes you right under the shadow of the mighty Kanchendzonga, the 3'rd highest mountain in the world. This 7-8 day trek, is one of the more remote and stunning treks in India, taking one through forests of Rhododendron and valleys covered with lichen and moss, offering numerous birding opportunities and encounters with herds of Bharal or Blue mountain sheep and not to mention the stunning vistas of some of the highest mountains in the world.
Every year, during the monsoon months of July and August, the roads and highways of North India will be bathed in saffron by millions of pilgrims undertaking the Kanwar Yatra. This is a story of the Yatra, the Yatris and of me hiking, cycling and walking in their midst.
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Traveling along the Manali - Leh highway, one is witness to numerous interesting sights. While most of them are of the stunning, take your breath away variety, there are few quirky man made sights that are equally interesting. The strangest of them all for me was sight of truck drivers squatting underneath their trucks every morning and lighting its fuel tank on fire !!
Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley
A 4 day off from mundane office life and a drop of goodness at the time of a break up.
A day in Sri Lanka spent listening to local version of Ramayana Sigiriya->Polonnaruwa->Kandy
Last December I was in Goa, and contrary to a typical Goan trip, I went there along with my Mom and Dad and some members of extended family. Amidst a badly planned Trip, I found a Friend in Goa, who's almost God. Read on.
24 hours is not enough time to understand or know a city by any stretch of imagination. But it is ample time to form some ill-informed first impressions. Here is my take on London
A bike ride across Sri Lanka at the height of the internal conflict in the country is probably not the brightest idea I have had. But it sure was a heck lot of fun. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" / Day 1- Negombo->Kurunegala->Dambulla->Sigiriya
A vacation in Thailand was all that we hoped for and more. But a few things took us by surprise
Lemme preface this by saying these following spots are great spots to start and enable you to see the most in the smallest amount of distance.  So these areas enable you to see lots of things within a couple hours drive.  So enough already...let's go!
Everyone at some point in their lives should be in the service industry. EVERYONE. Then they would understand the trials and hurdles a waiter faces. This blog is inspired by two new buddies from Denmark (whom I met on my travels in NZ and then proceeded to meet up with later in Hollywood). In NZ, Australia, and Denmark it is not customary to tip.  Here's why: the minimum wage in these countries is double (if not triple) than that of the United States.  That's why they don't need your money. In the United States, its a bit different (especially outside California).  The U.S. is kinda backwards all over (hello feet, inches, degrees, mph). We don't make what the rest of the world makes, precisely why we depend on your tips.  But Paul, my service really sucked! Well, the guy probably