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I had always wished to travel Kerala & on bike its more pleasant. Let me take you through Kerala through my ride. Continuing the South Indian Saga, Part II Into God's own country.
A journey along the Manali - Leh highway is bound to be one of the most exciting, adventurous and visually stunning journeys anywhere in the world. The route traverses through some of the highest mountain passes in the world, crossing the Pir Panjal, Great Himalaya and the Zanskar ranges. The road, traversing through these mountain ranges, takes the traveler to a stunning array of landscapes. The lush alpine forests and grasslands of the upper Kullu valley, the scrubby slopes of the Lahaul region, the snow capped peaks of the Great Himalaya, the ochre mountains of Kiling sarai, the grasslands of the Sarchu plans, the sand blasted anthill slopes leading to Pang, vast rolling Morey plains bowl-like and fringed by low mountains, and finally the comforting descent to the Indus valley towards
Ladakh's landscape is not just about its majestic mountains and brilliant blue skies, it also reflects the (majorly) Buddhist heritage of the land. The landscape is dotted with numerous Chortens, Mani walls, fluttering flags and majestic monasteries overlooking entire villages and towns. Religion forms an important part of people's lives here and no where it is better exemplified than in the monastic festivals that happen all around Ladakh at different times of the year.
Thanjavur, the ancient city of Tamil Nadu and the erstwhile capital of the Chola Empire is home to numerous 'Great Living Chola Temples', the greatest of which is the Brihadeeswarar temple or more commonly known as the Big Temple ('Periya Kovil' in Tamil). The 1000 year old temple is well known for its architecture and prized stone sculptures but it also is home to some of the most beautiful, vibrant, intricate frescos to be found anywhere in South India.
Ladakh is a cycling paradise. There is no question about it. The quiet roads, the friendly locals, the serene landscape and high altitude all combine together to provide you a safe, fun, at times challenging and at all times visually stimulating experience that few other locations in India and indeed in the world could hope to match. I believe that Ladakh offers something for everyone. From the causal holiday cyclist to the hard core enthusiast who'd like to pit themselves against the mountains and see if they can come out on top. I've compiled this list below which summarizes the major cycling routes in the area.
Ladakh, the 'Land of the High Passes' lies among some of the most magnificent mountain ranges of the world. Ladakh is located near the western extremity of the Great Himalaya where the mountain system proliferates into an astonishing complex of ranges and sub-ranges. Whenever you are traveling, either to or inside Ladakh, by road or by air, you will be witness to the awe inspiring spectacle of these ranges and the river valleys that divide them. Read on to learn more about these ranges.
Wildlife volunteering programs offer a great way for someone to experience the rich biodiversity of India. Firsthand, on the ground and out of the relative safety and comfort of a tourist vehicle. They provide you with a wonderful insight into the various wildlife conservation and research activities going on in the country. So its time for you to get off that couch, turn Animal Planet off and go live you own wildlife adventure. The following are some out of the various of the volunteering programs available in the country.
Tsomoriri is, in my opinion the most beautiful of all the 3 big lakes in Ladakh. So a trip there well worth the effort, especially if you make it a circular route and come back via the TsoKar lake and Taglang La.
This is probably the most funnest, the easiest (after ChangLa), friendliest and the most visually breathtaking ride experience available in Ladakh. And definitely my top favorite among all the cycling routes in Ladakh.  The reason why i loved this circuit is because of the 30 odd km flat stretch of dirt road along the shores of the Pangong lake. You get to ride right up along the edge of the lake and the scenery on both sides of the road is just spectacular. There are 3 different villages, Spangmik, Maan & Merak, each spaced about 10km apart along this route and you can easily find homestay accomodation in any of these villages. 
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Based on my experience while cycling the Manali - Leh route (in Oct 2010) i've compiled a list of Food and Accommodation stops on the route. I hope this information would be useful to other cyclists who are planning to do this trip. I have also tried to include the approximate dates till which these establishments would remain open, but these days might change depending on the weather conditions. So be a little careful and stock up on extra food when you do this trip in October.
If you love the mountains and love the freedom & the pure wind-in-your-face exhilaration of biking then Ladakh provides the perfect opportunity for you to combine the two and go motor biking in Ladakh. There is no better way to experience this wonderful place, free from the constraints of packaged trips and the safety of civilization, biking in Ladakh puts you in touch with the raw unforgiving side of nature. As you drive through the winding mountain roads and traverse high passes, you can help but be in awe and  humbled by the magnificence of the mountain landscape all around you. This article, will provide you some useful tips about hiring a bike in Ladakh and some do's and dont's with regard to biking there.
Recently i saw a program on NGC about the conflict between elephants and humans in India and around the world. It was pretty graphic program with them showing elephants being culled and people getting crushed to death by the beasts and being thrown around like little rag dolls. It was gripping and sad to watch, i was glued to the TV till the program ended.. it ended with more questions than answers. The future looks grim...
A trip to the tiger temple can normally arranged from the hotel or guesthouse that you are staying at. But if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, then you can rent a bike and drive down to the tiger temple. The temple is located about 40km from the Kanchanaburi town, so the drive would take about an hour or so. The directions are pretty easy to follow..